New Joiners Tips

If you have just joined us, or about to join us but still have a few queries, check out our top tips.

Validate Membership

After signing up to our panel, you will receive a welcome email. You will need to validate your membership by clicking on the email link. You will not be recognised as an active member until up have validated your membership. If you haven’t received a welcome email after initially signing up, please check your spam folder.

Pay Pal set up

You need to have a Pay Pal account set up if you wish to receive your rewards as cash via Pay Pal. Make sure you add into your account the email address you use with Pay Pal. Please see the Pay Pal website for more information.

Survey App

You can take surveys and check your rewards via the Surveygoo Panel App.

Member Profile

Fill out and update your profile because it increases your chances of being sent relevant survey invitations. You don’t need to complete the profile immediately or all in one go – you can log into your account and update the different sections of your profile over time.


Make sure your survey invites don’t get caught in spam filters. We recommend that you add surveygoo panel emails to your address book and/or add it to a safe senders list if you have one.

Check rewards

Log into your account or open the panel app to check your rewards and history.