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Welcome to Surveygoo Panel, Paid Online Surveys

Surveygoo panel is a free, paid online surveys website. Become a member of our survey panel and take part in regular online polls, earn rewards and take part in prize draw competitions.

Paid Online Surveys

Earning cash rewards is easy with Surveygoo Panel. Sign up to our website, or download the app and join from the app. Fill out some details in your profile about you and your interests ( this will help us send relevant surveys to our members) and get ready to receive our short, easy-to-do paid online surveys.

Most of our surveys are a few minutes, or just a few questions, and we most of the time you will qualify to do the survey. That means, you get paid for each online survey you take.

Panel members are incentivised for their opinions, receiving a choice of cash rewards via Pay Pal or e-gift vouchers via Amazon or GiftPay eGift vouchers for completing surveys and other prizes.

Our Obligations to Panel Members

Surveygoo promises to its members:

  • consider its members eligible to participate in market research surveys, online or otherwise
  • may enter members into prize draws
  • reward members of completing surveys via PayPal and Amazon Vouchers
  • inform members of the level of reward being offered for each survey which is fully completed
  • credit the members account with the stated reward into their account
  • not be bound to select members for surveys
  • on occasions ask screening questions to determine eligibility to complete a survey.
  • Should members be discounted from a survey as a result of the screening questions not providing the required profiling match for the survey, or failing a quality check, no reward will be paid

Membership Rules and Obligations

We treat our members fairly and with respect. At the same time, we ask our members to do the same, and sign up to a few basic (and reasonable) member obligations.

The member acknowledges that they are:

  • over 16 years of age
  • resident in UK
  • shall not register multiple times
  • shall not attempt to answer a survey more than once
  • will answer questions honestly and openly to the best of their ability
  • answer questions properly (e.g. not complete answers without reading questions, or intentionally give misleading, contradictory or meaningless answers, speed through) 

Notes on Reward Charges

Pay Pal: Please note that Pay Pal will make a charge when members claim their rewards via a Pay Pal account. The current rate is 3.4%. Please check with Pay Pal UK for current rates. See Support Area for more information

eGift Vouchers: currently Amazon and GiftPay do not make a charge for redeeming vouchers electronically.

Read Membership Terms and Conditions

Please read our membership terms and conditions.

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